Founded by Randy Hoffman in 1998, Hoffman Creations is Bismarck-Mandan-based company providing a variety of all-original content and services, including original music compositions, marketing design, website development, and book publishing. Hoffman Creations owns a network of websites, including its flagship, BisManCafe.com.

Hoffman Creations is a registered trade name in the state of North Dakota, all rights reserved. All of the content featured on Hoffman Creations and its network is original, unless otherwise noted. No unauthorized reproduction or distribution is allowed without prior permission.

Developing Websites Since 1998

I built and launched my first website in 1998, long before smartphones and social media networks reigned supreme. Yahoo and Alta Vista were the top search engines and Google was unknown. Netscape and Internet Explorer were engaged in the first browser war, while AOL was the nation’s top ISP… via the standard 56K dial-up modem.

Through the years, I have witnessed and responded to the digital evolution that what we enjoy today… from the simple HTML pages of 1998 to the database-driven architecture we see today.

For the curious-minded, I built my first website using a utility called Hot Dog Express, which was one of the first WYSIWYG HTML editors. The website was hosted through AOL Hometown.